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Program last updated: Wednesday, December 9, 2015 - 11:38am

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Session Speakers Date and Time Location Attachments
P1 Preconference Session: Reimagining Libraries Nova Scotia for the Future: Increasing Collaboration, Increasing Community Value Thu 9:00:am to 11:59:am Nova Scotia Archives PDF icon Reimagining Libraries Nova Scotia - feedback from ALM preconference session 2015.pdf
PDF icon Reimagining Libraries Nova Scotia 2015.pdf
P2 Preconference Session: Exploring a Provincial Digitization Strategy
  • Catherine Arseneau, Manager, Beaton Institute, Cape Breton University
  • Susan Cameron, University Librarian, Angus L. Macdonald Library, St. Francis Xavier University
  • Eric Stackhouse, Chief Librarian, Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library
  • Erin Comeau, Regional Library Director, Western Counties Regional Library
  • Laura Bennett, Manager of Collections, Nova Scotia Museum
  • Lois Yorke, Provincial Archivist, Nova Scotia Archives (Moderator)
Fri 9:00:am to 11:59:am Nova Scotia Archives File Exploring a Provincial Digitization Strategy - Background
File Evolution of Digitization @ The Beaton Institute
File Evolution of Digitization Through Parnership notes
File Academic Libraries
File Joint Conference.Digitization Notes.docx
P3 Preconference Session: Promoting Your Services ... Telling Your Stories
  • Communications NS representatives
Fri 9:00:am to 11:59:am Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
P4 Preconference Session: Toolbox for Museum School Programs
  • Members of the Archives, Museums and Libraries Interpretive Working Group Education Sub-Committee.
  • Guest presentation from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. 
Fri 9:00:am to 11:59:am Museum of Natural History
Registration Fri 12:00:pm to 5:00:pm Lobby
ANSM AGM & Lunch Fri 12:00:pm to 2:00:pm Museum of Natural History
K Keynote Address by Danny Graham
  • Danny Graham, QC
Fri 2:30:pm to 3:30:pm Imperial Ballroom
Tour of Central Library Fri 4:00:pm to 4:59:pm Central Library
Nova Scotia’s Culture Action Plan
  • Kelliann Dean, Deputy Minister, NS Communities, Culture and Heritage
  • Blaise Morrison, WSP Canada Inc.
  • Carol Ritchie, Revolve Inc.
Fri 4:00:pm to 5:59:pm Imperial Ballroom
ANSM Board Meeting Fri 4:00:pm to 4:59:pm Lord Nelson Hotel
NSLA Board Meeting Fri 6:00:pm to 6:59:pm Central Library
Conference Opening and Awards Reception Fri 7:00:pm to 10:30:pm Central Library
Registration Sat 8:00:am to 1:30:pm Lobby
LBANS Board Meeting Sat 8:00:am to 9:00:am Lord Nelson Hotel
Exhibits Sat 9:00:am to 3:30:pm Georgian Lounge, Regency Ballroom
A1 Archives, Libraries, and Museums in the post-Ivany Nova Scotia
  • Hansel Cook, Archivist, Saint Mary's University Library (introducer/moderator)
  • Amanda Fullerton, Community Librarian, Halifax Public Libraries
  • Alison Froese-Stoddard, Halifax Public Libraries
  • Janet Maltby, Manager, Rural Sites, Nova Scotia Museum
Sat 9:30:am to 10:19:am Imperial Ballroom
A2 The importance of 'Play': theory, practical examples, and the future of children's programming in libraries and museums
  • Elisabeth Tower, Education Manager, Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
  • Lena Hardiman, Education Coordinator, Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
  • Laura Emery, CEO/Chief Librarian, Eastern Counties Regional Library
  • Kimberly Tilsley, Branch Lead at the Drs. Coady & Thompkins Memorial Library, Eastern Counties Regional Library (Co-presenter with Laura Emery)
  • Sharon Reid, Branch Lead at teh Mulgrave Library "RSpace", Eastern Counties Regional Library (Co-presenter with Laura Emery)
  • Debbie Bauld, High Five Coordinator, Recreation Nova Scotia
Sat 9:30:am to 10:19:am Admiral Room
A3 Education & Training Offerings for Archives, Museums and Libraries in Nova Scotia
  • Rapid fire session with representatives from: Dal’s School of Information Management; Mount Saint Vincent University Library; Cape Breton University; St. Mary’s University Library; the Council of Nova Scotia Archives; Nova Scotia Community College; the Association of NS Museums; the Nova Scotia Museum; the Nova Scotia Library Association.
Sat 9:30:am to 10:19:am Britannia Room
A4 Challenges, opportunities, and future directions for online databases in Libraries, Archives, and Museums sectors.
  • Roger Gillis, Archives & Scholarly Communication Librarian, Mount Saint Vincent University Archives
  • Karin Kierstead, Museum Advisor, Association of Nova Scotia Museums
  • Bill Slauenwhite, Manager, Novanet
Sat 9:30:am to 10:19:am Vanguard Room I
Nutrition Break & Exhibits Sat 10:20:am to 10:59:am Georgian Lounge, Regency Ballroom
B1 Archives, Libraries and Museums World Café
  • Patti Bannister, Manager, Nova Scotia Archives
  • Dyan Perley Bader, Manager, Systems & Collections Access, Nova Scotia Provincial Library
  • Christine Sykora, Manager, Interpretation – Innovation, Collections & Infrastructure, Archives, Museums & Libraries
Sat 11:00:am to 11:50:am Imperial Ballroom File Comments from ALM's World Café Sept 26, 2015
B2 Katharine McLennan Virtual Exhibit: A museum, library and archive partnership demonstration project.
  • Catherine Arseneau, Beaton Institute
  • Faye MacDougall, Cape Breton Regional Library
  • TBD, Fortress Louisbourg
Sat 11:00:am to 11:50:am Admiral Room
B3 Engaging Diverse Communities
  • Wayn Hamilton, Executive Director, African Nova Scotian Affairs
  • Jamie Serran, Archives Advisor, Council of Nova Scotia Archives
  • Helen Thexton, Manager, Keshen Goodman Public Library
  • Youmei Chen, (Co-presenter with Helen Thexton)
  • Kim Reinhardt, Museum Manager, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Sat 11:00:am to 11:50:am Britannia Room
B4 Knee Deep in Agriculture: How the MacRae Library and the Dalhousie University Archives worked to revive a major collection of museum artifacts, archives, and special collections material
  • Jennifer MacIsaac, Cataloguing and Archives/Museum Specialist, MacRae Library
  • Creighton Barrett, Digital Archivist, Dalhousie University Archives (Killam)
  • Kelly Casey, Archives Specialist, Dalhousie University Archives (Killam)
  • Dianne Landry, Archives Specialist, Dalhousie University Archives (Killam)
  • Joan Chiasson, Archives Specialist, Dalhousie University Archives (Killam)
Sat 11:00:am to 11:50:am Vanguard Room I
Lunch & Exhibits Sat 12:00:pm to 1:29:pm Georgian Lounge, Regency Ballroom
C1 Working Together - Connecting Academia and Practice
  • Dr. Sandra Toze
  • Dr. Vivian Howard
  • Dr. Lori McCay-Peet
  • Dr. Mike Smit
  • Dr. Keith Lawson
  • Dr. Bertrun MacDonald
  • Prof. Jennifer Grek Martin
Sat 1:30:pm to 2:19:pm Imperial Ballroom
C2 Community Collaboration: Libraries and Museums Sharing at the Grassroots Level
  • Christina Pottie, Outreach Coordinator, South Shore Public Libraries
  • Hilda Russell, Supervisor, Program Development, Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic
Sat 1:30:pm to 2:19:pm Admiral Room
C3 All For One & One for All: Museum, Archive & Library content management systems and the single portal solution.
  • Corey Timpson, Director, Exhibitions & Digital Media, Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Sat 1:30:pm to 2:19:pm Britannia Room
C4 Library, Archives, Museum, and more: connecting for improved heritage services in the City of Burnaby
  • Kathy Bryce, Director, Andornot Consulting Inc.
  • Arilea Sill, IAP Administrator, Government of Nova Scotia (former City Archivist, City of Burnaby)


Sat 1:30:pm to 2:19:pm Vanguard Room I PDF icon Library, Archives, Museum, and more
Nutrition Break & Exhibits Sat 2:20:pm to 2:59:pm Georgian Lounge, Regency Ballroom
D1 Nova Scotia’s Accessibility Legislation: impacts on Archives, Museums and Libraries
  • Anne MacRae or Joe Rudderham - Co-Chairs of the Minister’s Advisory Panel on Accessibility Legislation
Sat 3:00:pm to 3:50:pm Imperial Ballroom
D2 Local Integrity and Curating Collections: Getting at Nuance and Complexity
  • Catherine Arseneau, Manager, Beaton Institute, Cape Breton University
  • Wendy Bergfeldt, Host, “Mainstreet, Cape Breton” & “Island Echoes”, CBC Cape Breton
  • Mitchell McNutt, General Manager, Fortress Louisbourg Association
  • Seumas Watson, Manager of Interpretation, Nova Scotia Highland Village
  • Marlene Ivey, Associate Professor, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
Sat 3:00:pm to 3:50:pm Admiral Room
D3 Update on Library and Archives Canada's key initiatives relating to collaboration, connecting, and client services
  • Kristina Lillico, Director, Economic, Security and Governance Division, Library and Archives Canada
  • Laurena Fredette, Library and Archives Canada
  • Leah Rae, Archivist, Library and Archives Canada
  • Susanne Sulzberger, Reference Archivist/ATIP Analyst, Library and Archives Canada
Sat 3:00:pm to 3:50:pm Britannia Room
D4 Collaborating across disciplines in cultural resource management and service delivery: The ‘Harry Piers: Museum Maker’ Project
  • Paul Maxner, Senior Archivist Online Resources, Nova Scotia Archives
  • Kathy Ogden, Assistant Curator, Nova Scotia Museum
  • Lois Yorke, Provincial Archivist, Nova Scotia Archives (Moderator)
Sat 3:00:pm to 3:50:pm Vanguard Room I
One Book Nova Scotia: Author Reading - Now with Donna Morrissey Sat 4:00:pm to 4:59:pm Imperial Ballroom
NSLA AGM Part 1 Sat 5:00:pm to 6:00:pm Britannia Room
NSLA AGM Part 2 Sun 8:00:am to 8:59:am Britannia Room
LBANS AGM Sun 8:00:am to 8:59:am Vanguard Room I
E1 LBANS Town Hall - Charting Future Directions Together: What Makes for Good Governance?
  • Paul W. Bennett, Chair, Halifax Library Board
  • Åsa Kachan, Chief Librarian/CEO, Halifax Public Libraries
Sun 9:00:am to 11:00:am Imperial Ballroom
E2 “So tell me what you want, what you really, really want:” Patron-Focused Displays
  • Nicole Radzikowski, Librarian, Cape Breton Regional Library
Sun 9:30:am to 10:20:am Admiral Room
E3 Readers Advisory: Trends in Genre Fiction
  • Maureen Collier, Manager of Information and Readers' Services, Halifax Public Libraries
  • Kristina Parlee, Adult Collection Development Librarian, Halifax Public Libraries
  • Julia Khodos, Adult Services Librarian, Halifax Public Libraries
Sun 9:30:am to 10:20:am Britannia Room File Emerging Genre Trends
PDF icon New Adult Fiction Genre Book List
E4 Why should you care: Helping folks find the legal help they need
  • Karen Hudson, QC, Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission
  • Wendy Turner, Manager, Legal Information Services, Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia
Sun 9:30:am to 10:20:am Vanguard Room I
by Dr. Radut