Archives, Libraries and Museums World Café

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  • Patti Bannister, Manager, Nova Scotia Archives
  • Dyan Perley Bader, Manager, Systems & Collections Access, Nova Scotia Provincial Library
  • Christine Sykora, Manager, Interpretation – Innovation, Collections & Infrastructure, Archives, Museums & Libraries
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Saturday, September 26, 2015 - 11:00am to 11:50am
Imperial Ballroom

"I might exchange links to important articles or fantastic projects on Twitter, but it's the conversation over a coffee which leads to an exciting collaboration." ~ Jim Richardson, Museum Next

Collaboration across disciplines should be natural way of doing business. The public's interest in ease of access to information and resources, and our own interest in ensuring sustainable public service help "validate the close alignment of our functional areas which focus on lifelong learning, content creation, preservation and interpretation."

Staff at the Archives, Museums and Libraries (AML) division of the Department of Communities Culture and Heritage (CCH) have been working together to support and learn from each other for over four years.   During that time, we have learned that our knowledge, skills and strengths truly complement each other.  This has led to better, stronger and more robust initiatives.  Drawing on our experiences, this facilitated session will encourage all attendees to explore & share opportunities to connect and collaborate with people, organizations and sectors to create real synergies within our ongoing work.

Presenter Bios

Patti Bannister:

Nova Scotia Archives


Dyan Perley Bader:

Nova Scotia Provincial Library

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