Working Together - Connecting Academia and Practice

Session Number: 
  • Dr. Sandra Toze
  • Dr. Vivian Howard
  • Dr. Lori McCay-Peet
  • Dr. Mike Smit
  • Dr. Keith Lawson
  • Dr. Bertrun MacDonald
  • Prof. Jennifer Grek Martin
Date and Time: 
Saturday, September 26, 2015 - 1:30pm to 2:19pm
Imperial Ballroom

As highlighted by the recent announcement between Libraries and Archives Canada (LAC) and the University of Ottawa creative partnerships represent a way of transforming services through sharing expertise, knowledge and best practices.  This interactive session is intended to initiate a new type of dialogue between Nova Scotia Libraries, Archives, Museums and the School of Information Management. A panel of School of Information Management (SIM) Faculty facilitated by SIM Interim Director Dr. Sandra Toze will highlight how SIM is evolving its curriculum to meet the changing needs of the profession, and showcase the innovative research related to social network analysis, user-generated cataloguing and classification, reading cultures of teens and youth, digitization, collaboration, print culture history and digital humanities. At least half of the session (25 minutes) will involve interaction.  Discussion of the ways of moving forward together will be promoted; including identifying shared interests and new avenues for collaborating. The themes and suggestions which emerge will be captured, and will be used continue the conversation after the conference paving the way for further connections and partnerships.


Event | by Dr. Radut